Crowdfunding with Mark Roderick

In this episode Mark Roderick discusses Crowdfunding in real estate.
Paul speaks to Mark Roderick about Crowdfunding in real estate. They go in-depth how the JOBS act that created crowdfunding changed funding portals, advertising, and where the future of raising capital is and what sponsors should focus on and be careful with.

About our guest:
Mark is a corporate and securities attorney specializing in crowdfunding. Since the JOBS Act of 2012, he has become one of the leading Crowdfunding and Fintech lawyers in the United States. You can catch him speaking at Crowdfunding events across the country or read his blog: It has a wealth of legal and practical information for portals and issuers.

This real estate podcast is for informational and educational purposes only and does not imply suitability. The views and opinions expressed by the presenters are their own. The information is not intended as investment advice.

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