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Joint Ventures with Jeff Lerman

In this episode, Paul speaks to Jeff Lerman about Joint Ventures. They go in-depth about the role of the Real Estate Attorney, the basics of joint ventures and how the...

Understanding Political Risk with Jeff Adler

In this episode Jeff Adler discusses Political Risk.

Passive Investing with Jeremy Roll

In this episode Jeremy Roll discusses passive investing.

Co-warehousing with Steve Sawicki

In this episode Steve Sawicki discusses Co-warehousing and Saltbox.

Retail architecture with Greg Lyon and Patrick Winters

In this episode Greg Lyon and Patrick Winters discuss retail architecture.

US Economy with Dr. Peter Linneman

In this episode Dr. Peter Linneman discusses the US Economy, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in work dynamics and future opportunities in real estate.

Multifamily Investing with Paul Kaseburg

In this episode Paul Kaseburg discusses Multifamily investing and how to evaluate real estate sponsors.

Real estate econometrics with Matt Larriva

In this episode Matt Larriva discusses real estate econometrics.

Syndication and securities with Gene Trowbridge

In this episode Gene Trowbridge discusses the legal side of syndication.

Blockchain technology in real estate with Amy Wan

In this episode Amy Wan discusses blockchain and crowdfunding.

A guide to passive investing with Brian Burke

In this episode Brian Burke discusses passive investing.

The future of technology within real estate with John D’Angelo

In this episode John D’Angelo discusses the future of technology within real estate.

Crowdfunding with Mark Roderick

In this episode Mark Roderick discusses Crowdfunding in real estate.

Ground Leases with Anastasia Vladislavova

In this episode Anastasia Vladislavova discusses ground lease transactions.

Real Estate Innovation With Eric Flohr

In this episode Eric Flohr discusses the future of innovation in real estate.

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