Ground Leases with Anastasia Vladislavova

In this episode Anastasia Vladislavova discusses ground lease transactions.
About our guest:
Anastasia Vladisvavova is a Senior Associate at Eyzenberg & Company. She assists with underwriting analysis and financing memoranda preparation, client management and placement efforts for debt and equity capitalization assignments. She works with commercial real estate owners and developers creating the most beneficial capital structures for them.

Before joining their team, Anastasia managed a high-performing residential real estate sales group of 20 agents in Moscow. She also worked for a real estate fund in Riga, Latvia and for a property management company in New York City while advancing her education. Anastasia earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business from Moscow State University and a Master of Science degree in Real Estate Finance and Investments from Schack Institute of Real Estate, New York University. 

Anastasia Vladislavova’s LinkedIn:

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