The future of technology within real estate with John D’Angelo

In this episode John D’Angelo discusses the future of technology within real estate.
In this episode, Paul speaks to John D’Angelo about the future of technology within real estate. They go in-depth about the reputation of the commercial real estate industry being unwilling to invest in technology and how to bring technological innovations from other industries.
They also dive into new technologies being introduced and implemented, the value of social media as a data source, and the application of Artificial Intelligence.

About our guest:
John is a managing director and leads the U.S. real estate industry sector at Deloitte Consulting. He focuses on operational transformation, working with real estate investment managers, service providers, REITs, and real estate operating companies. His team has been working at the intersection of enabling technology, data, analytics, and process optimization. 
Prior to joining Deloitte, he held management positions at RealFoundations, Ernst & Young, and Kenneth Leventhal & Company. 

John’s LinkedIn profile:

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