Understanding Political Risk with Jeff Adler

In this episode Jeff Adler discusses Political Risk.
In this episode, Paul speaks to Jeff Adler about political risk. They go in-depth about his 2020 article “Calculating political risk”, his political risk model and how he came to research and model it, his philosophy towards affordability, predictions for the future, and more. 

About our guest:
Jeff is the Vice President of Yardi Matrix, the data division of Yardi Systems, which is a US multifamily, student housing, office, medical office, industrial, retail, and self-storage asset information toolset for originating, underwriting, and asset managing commercial real estate investments.

“Calculating political risk” 2020 article:

Book recommendations:
“Big Debt Crises” and "The Changing World Order" by Author: https://www.principles.com/ 

“The End of the World is just the Beginning” by Peter Zeihan: https://zeihan.com/end-of-the-world/ 

Video recommendations:
“Jocko Willink: Discipline = Freedom”: https://youtu.be/eBmVv2P-v2s 
“Simon Sinek: Why Leaders Eat Last”: https://youtu.be/ReRcHdeUG9Y 

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